Restaurant Milagro

Restaurant menu

Spanish-Mediterranean specialties

  • Chicken and Jamon croquets

    390 rsd
  • Pan con tomate

    390 rsd
    Bruschetti with garlic, tomato, and olive oil
  • Manchego

    990 rsd
    Hard Spanish sheep cheese cured six months
  • Jamon Iberico

    1400 rsd
    Spanish prosciutto ,,pata negra"
  • Salmon tartar

    1190 rsd
  • Porchini mushrooms in cream sauce

    890 rsd
  • Grilled goat cheese with rocket and cherry

    990 rsd
  • Chorizo

    1090 rsd
    Spanish traditional sausage
  • Pulpo a la gallega

    1190 rsd
    Octopus in the Galician way
  • "Gambas al Ajillo"

    1390 rsd
    Prawns on olive oil and garlic
  • Pinchos de queso

    990 rsd
    Brie cheese, gorgonzola, hard Spanish sheep cheese manchego, grilled goat cheese
  • Mejillones a la marinera

    890 rsd
    Mussels in a sauce of red wine
  • Beef carpaccio with homamade pesto sauce and rocket

    1190 rsd
  • Spanish apertizer (for two persons)

    1890 rsd
    Spanish prosciutto ,,iberico", manchego, Spanish sausage, chorizo iberico, prawns on garlic, chicken croquet, and pan con tomate
  • Homemade chicken soup with noodle

    350 rsd
  • Pottage

    350 rsd
  • Fish soup

    450 rsd
  • Paella Valenciana

    1390 rsd
    Spanish national dish with bomba rice, chicken, chorizo sausage and saffron
  • Black paella

    1490 rsd
    Black paella with cuttlefish, prawns, and squids in cuttlefish ink
  • Paella with seafood, rice and vegetables

    1490 rsd
  • Paella mixta

    1490 rsd
    Spanish national dish with bomba rice, seafood, and meat
  • Fidea with shrimps, squids and mussels

    1490 rsd
  • Homemade gnocchi with cuttlefish ink and salmon

    990 rsd
  • Homemade gnocchi with beefsteak and zucchini

    990 rsd
  • Tagliatelle with porchini mushrooms and chicken

    890 rsd
Snack salads
  • Ceasar Salad

    iceberg salad, chicken in panko crumb, pancetta, parmesan, and caesar dressing
  • Salad of marinated salmon

  • Salad with sea food

    Spanish national dish with bomba rice, seafood, and meat
Fish and seafood
  • Squids on a grill with black risotto

    1490 rsd
  • Octopus on a grill

    2290 rsd
  • Perch fillets with vegetables

    1790 rsd
  • Salmon on a grill

    1890 rsd
    Green risotto, saffron and ouzo
  • Sea bass fillets with medirenian vegetables

    1850 rsd
  • Sea bass on vegetables

    2100 rsd
    Sea bass 400-600gr on a grill or baked in the oven
  • Perch kg

    4000 rsd
    bigger perch prepered upon request, baked in the oven or grill
  • Prawns kg

    5900 rsd
    grilled or stewed
  • Sea bass or another fish I class

    6900 rsd
    Bigger fish prepared upon request, baked in the oven, on the grill or on the salt; *consultations with a waiter
  • Marinated chicken locusts with citrus

    1390 rsd
  • Ossobuco

    1790 rsd
    Veal pettitoes in vegetables
  • Costillas

    1590 rsd
    Pork ribs in BBQ sauce
  • Entrecote

    1990 rsd
    Spiced beef steak on grill dry aged 21 days/side dishes as desired/
  • Cabrito al Horno

    2190 rsd
    Young goat baked in the oven
  • Beef steak on a hot stone with grilled vegetables/side dishes as desired/

    2000 rsd
  • Beef steak in flavored olive oil

    2400 rsd
  • Cochinillo kg

    3900 rsd
    three weeks old piglet, milk fed only, baked in the oven; *note: to be ordered the day before
  • Chuleton 1kg

    4200 rsd
    Spanish traditional beefsteak, air matured for 21 days minimum, with homemade cream cheese ,,kajmak", potatoes and paprika on the hot stone
  • Greek salad

    490 rsd
    paprika, tomato, cucumber, red onion, olives and cheese
  • Vitamin salad

    390 rsd
    green salad, celery, carrots, cucumber, lemon juice and walnuts
  • Mixta salad

    390 rsd
    green salad, onion, tomato, olives
  • Mixta plus

    490 rsd
    green salad, rocket, cherry, parmesan, pine nuts
  • Rocket - cherry salad

    490 rsd
  • Verde salad

    390 rsd
    green salad, zucchini, green paprika, lemon juice, olive oil
Side dish
  • French fries

    250 rsd
  • Aromatic potatoes

    250 rsd
  • Grilled vegetables

    350 rsd
    paprika, zucchini, obergine, onion
  • Mediterranean vegetables

    390 rsd
  • Couver

    80 rsd
  • Homemade bread

    80 rsd
  • Homemade bread sticks

    120 rsd
  • Blueberry pie

    390 rsd
  • Poppy seed cake with white chocholate

    420 rsd
  • Milhojas

    350 rsd
  • Souffle

    420 rsd
    hot chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream
  • Tarta de Santiago

    390 rsd
    almond tart
  • Ice cream

    80 rsd
  • Peper sauce

    250 rsd
  • Gorgonzola sauce

    250 rsd
  • Mushroom sauce

    250 rsd

"You will feel in every bite how much attention we pay to our dishes from the menu!". RESTAURANT MILAGRO


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